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object (object type CI) allows you to enter data on individual work assignments and

work/study projects that students complete during their studies. Individual work refers to a specific student or

group of students.

Students working toward a PhD must submit a doctoral dissertation. Each student therefore produces a piece of individual work.


Individual work (object type CI) either relates to a module (object type SM) or business event type (object type D). You can assign the individual work items to modules or business event types in the module catalog, and maintain their data there. You can only assign an individual work item to a module or business event type that has a category designated as individual work.

Your system administrator defines a category as in the section .

in Customizing for

You assign the category to a module in the infotype

(1746) and to a business event type in the



W h e n a l e c t u r e r o r i n s t r u c t o r c r e a t e s i n d i v i d u a l w o r k f o r a m o d u l e o r b u s i n e s s e v e n t t y p e , ( s ) h e c a n c r e a t e a object for each topic. This would be the case if a term paper has different topics. new The object contains the following infotypes:

  • (1000)

  • (1001)

  • (1002)

  • (1061)

  • (1739)

  • (1774)

  • (1775)


You can assign an individual work item to a student in the module booking process. If the lecturer or instructor has created items of individual work for a module (representing the different term paper topics), the student can choose a topic from these individual work items. You can also create an individual work item during the module booking process.

If the student has to submit a term paper or dissertation, you can choose the relevant individual work item and then maintain the topic.

You can view the individual work item assigned to a student in the student file using program content.

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