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You can assign external organizations the following grading scales:

  • Grading scale for external subjects

  • Grading scale for external qualifications

  • Grading scale for transcript averages

If you do not enter a grading scale, the system uses the grading scale assigned to the next higher-level external organization. Grading scales are ranked as follows:

  • 1.

    Grading scale of the external organization

  • 2.

    Grading scale of the next higher-level external organization

  • 3.

    Country-specific scale (only for external subject grading scale)

  • 4.

    Universal scale

  • 5.

    SAP standard scale

(If no grading scale is defined in 1 but in 2, the system uses the scale specified in 2.)

You can define a special grading scale for external subjects and external qualification as

in the infotype

(1001). This special grading scale overrides the general

subject and qualification grading scale defined for the external organization.

Definition Qualification that a student has acquired at an external organization.


You store external qualifications in student master data in the infotype qualifications can be recognized as equivalents to modules or internal qualifications.

(1719). External


Students acquire external qualifications (object type EQ) at an external organization (object type EO). A relationship therefore exists between the external qualification and the external organization.

You access the functions for creating and maintaining external qualifications from the SAP menu by



You use the object manager when you create and maintain external qualifications. The object manager is a

convenient user tool that helps you find and select external qualifications.

You can maintain the following infotypes for an external qualification:

  • (1000)

  • (1001)

  • (1002)

  • (1708)

In the

infotype, you can enter a special grading scale for external qualifications as

. The special grading scale overrides the general grading scale defined for the external organization in

the infotype


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