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126 / 190 Process View of Rules Overview


The process view of the rules overview enables you to determine which rule containers are linked with the objects of the academic structure. With this function, you can display a complete overview of the rule containers used in the system. You can also display the rules that are used at specific callup points, that is, in specific processes. Moreover, you can use this function to generate a where-used-list for rule containers, rule modules, and rule elements (validations and substitutions).

The process view has four view variants which you can access from the

  • Graphical view only

  • Graphical and text view (default setting)



View of one process View of several processes and

variants are identical, except that the

variant does not contain a summary of the rules. Both view variants offer a general overview of the objects in the academic structure and of the rule containers assigned to non-academic callup points.

In the

( t r a n s a c t i o n P I Q R U L E W B _ R C _ T P ) , y o u c a n s p e c i f y t h e c a l l u p p o i n t f o r w h i c h t h e

system should generate an overview. The (transaction PIQR

U L E W B _ R C _ T P S ) i s

identical to the aforementioned variant, except that you can specify one

callup points here. If you

use one of these two view variants regularly, you can insert the associated transaction in your user menu or add it to your favorites.

If you want to know which admission requirements are defined in objects these depend on, choose the view variant point.

. Enter

and which as the callup


The system creates a tree structure which shows how the rules are interrelated (inheritance, or direct assignment of rule containers).

You can enter the following parameters:


for the evaluation

Depending on the chosen view variant, one or more academic callup point(s), or all of them

The callup point is a parameter which links rule containers with the academic structure.

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