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128 / 190 Calling the Process View of the Rules Overview

Procedure 1. From the SAP menu, choose



screen appears.



, and select the desired view variant.

The default setting is View of Rules Overview.

. For more information on view variants, see Process

3. 4.

Enter a


Depending on which view variant you have selected, choose one, several, or all academic callup point(s).


Choose . The system reads the rule containers assigned to the specified callup points.

Result The system displays an overview of the rules for the selected callup points (in the general view, it also shows

the rule containers assigned to non-academic callup points).

You can change the tree structure by choosing the desired

options and then

. For more

information on the tree structure, see Process View of Rules Overview.

  • You can display or hide certain fields of the hierarchy display, such as the object ,

. You can also completely expand or compress the structure.


  • In the summary, you can display and hide the

and the

. Overriding Message Logs

Use Various processes in

contain callup points at which the system performs rule

checks. The system collects the messages it outputs during performance of these checks in a message log.

If the message log contains only warning messages (message type

), information messages (message


), or success messages (message type

), you can override or “ignore” the messages.

The system saves the original message log so that you can trace and subsequently check the override. You define the callup points at which the system should save the original message log in Customizing for . For more information, see Message Log Tracking in Case of Overrides.

You are not permitted to override error messages (message type ). However, authorized users can override certain rule check messages and change the message type of these messages. For more information, see

Definition of Message Type Overrides.

Activities The system displays the message log in a dialog box. You have the following options:

You can override the message log:

An overridable message log contains the required icons in the pushbutton.

column. It also contains the

If you want to override the message log, choose box.


) or


) in the dialog

You can create a note for each message log you override. The system then performs the desired activity.

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