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In the above infotype, you specify the academic years and assessment periods in which the assessment is normally conducted. You can create a concrete scheduled assessment using the general sessions of offering of an assessment as a basis.

For each session in which a module is offered, you can specify multiple sessions of offering for an assessment, for example:

  • Regular assessment period (after the class period ends)

  • Repeat exam period (before the next session starts)

In this case, you must define your own assessment periods and assign them to the appropriate period group.

If the assessment periods coincide the class periods, you do not have to create assessment periods but can use the class periods as assessment periods.

  • Session Patterns (1751)

  • Assessment Category (1766) This infotype contains the following fields:

    • Requirement catalog

    • Audit type

    • Stage

    • Assessment category

  • Assessment Data (1767) This infotype contains the following fields:

    • Repetition type

    • Scale ID

    • Appraisal type

    • Exam profiles including the default profile Scheduled Assessment


You can create one or more scheduled assessments for an assessment in each academic year and assessment period. You need scheduled assessments for assessment processes. When you open an assessment process for one or more students, you can enter the number of the scheduled assessment you want to use.

Integration In the system, the assessment periods are academic sessions.

  • If your university’s assessment periods are identical to your (general) academic sessions, you can use

these (general) academic sessions in the Academic Records application.

  • If your assessment periods do not coincide with the (general) academic sessions, you have to define separate assessment periods for Academic Records. The system lists these assessment periods in the input help it offers when you edit scheduled assessments only if you have created a separate period group for them, and defined this as the period group for Academic Records in Customizing for

Student Lifecycle Management. In the sessions of offering record for the assessment (

object in infotype 1739), you define the

academic years and assessment periods in which the assessment is generally conducted.

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