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Assign a number to the scheduled assessment in the

field. You can also make the

assignment and change it after you have opened the assessment process. You can also open the assessment process for students who are not listed on this tab page. To do so,



In the dialog box which appears, you can open the assessment process for a specific scheduled assessment for students you choose individually or by means of a selection method.

The assessment process can also be opened via the module booking dialog. Here, the student or the student’s advisor can book modules and the associated scheduled assessments, and open the assessment process. If you choose this process variant, scheduled assessments must be created before the modules are booked so that the student (or advisor) can choose the appropriate scheduled assessment when (s)he books the modules. From the module booking dialog, the student or advisor

can go directly to assessment process editing by choosing


After the exams have been conducted, module appraisal takes place. The responsible administrator performs appraisal by assigning grades to students. The system displays the grades that were

assigned for each module in the following fi

elds of the


  • Grade

  • Grading scale

  • Appraisal status

  • Appraisal remark

You can display the appraisal details in the

dialog by choosing

with the

quick info text

, or you can switch directly to the appraisal dialog by choosing


7. 8.

When the student has completed the assessment, you close the assessment process.

You can do this from the

screen by choosing

with the quick info text

and then choosing the appropriate activity. This pushbutton contains the following


  • Open process

  • Reopen process

  • Cancel process

  • Complete process successfully

  • Complete process unsuccessfully

You can only execute an activity if you have the required activity authorization.

If a student does not pass the assessment, you can create a repetition attempt.

To do this, choose

with the quick info text

. The system only allows this if the

current assessment process is closed, which means the system status is not process may be open for each student and assessment at a time.

. Only one assessment

You can only create repetition attempts of an exam in the same academic year. If a student did not pass the exam and wants to repeat it in a following year, the exam must be unsuccessfully completed. The student must book the module in a following year and register again for the exam.

This procedure can be automated using expected processes. There is a sample implementation available, that considers this situation and expects processes for a selected exam also when module bookings and exams are unsuccessfully completed in a previous year. This implementation marks the expected exams as

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