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The student assessment process is either opened automatically by the system when a student is (re-)registered, or manually by the administrator after the (re-)registration period.

You can use the BAdI HRPIQ00REG0090 to configure your system so that it automatically opens assessment processes as a follow-up activity to (re-)registration. You can implement this

BAdI in Customizing for



T o o p e n a s s e s s m e n t p r o c e s s e s m a n u a l l y , g o t o t h e

screen and choose


. When you have selected the program and process, choose the

. In the

dialog box, you can open the

assessment process for a specific scheduled assessment either for a single student or for a group of students whom you choose by means of a selection method. The assessment process

then has the system status



You can now assign a customer status according to your requirements. You make the setting for

customer statuses in Customizing for



  • 5.

    You then run the audits for the assessment process. SAP provides the BSP application PIQ_AUDIT for manual creation of requirement profiles and audit runs. For mass-processing of audits use transaction PIQAUD_MP_CP – Audit (Process-Dependent). For more information, see the SAP Easy Access Menu, by choosing

    • a.

      First execute the admission process. Assign the student an admission profile for the assessment process. Then execute an admission run for the assessment process. If the admission run is successful, you can admit the student to the assessment process.

    • b.

      When the student has been admitted to the assessment, assign him/her a completion profile for the assessment process. In the assessment process completion run, the system checks if the student has passed the assessment.


In the

dialog, the system indicates whether the student is assigned

an admission profile or a completion profile by displaying the relevant icon. The system also displays the results of the respective audit runs.


You can change the system and customer statuses for assessment processes. You can do this

manually in the

dialog. You can also use the two reports provided for

automatic status changes. You can access these reports from the


and then

screen by

  • Change Process Status (Admission)

  • Change Process Status (Completion)

These two programs enable you to change different attributes (customer status, system status, process reason) based on the result of the audit run.


When you have executed the assessment process completion run, close the assessment process. To

do this, go to the

screen, choose the pushbutton with the quick info text

and then select an activity. You can perform the following activities for an assessment


  • Open process

  • Reopen process

  • Cancel process

  • Complete process successfully

  • Complete process unsuccessfully

You can only perform an activity if you possess the required activity authorization.

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