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If the student did not pass the assessment, you can create a repetition attempt. To do so, choose the

pushbutton with the quick info text

. The system only allows you to do this if

the current assessment process is closed, and the system status is not one assessment process per student and assessment at a time.

. You may only open

allows to control the following core processes of a university:

  • Planning of Academic Offerings

  • Organization and Management of Studies

  • Integrated Administration of Fees and Financial Aid in the Student Account


enables you to plan all of your university’s academic offerings.

Process Flow Academic offerings are planned in two steps:

  • 1.

    Planning of programs, academic specializations, and modules

  • 2.

    Planning of academic events per module and stage


, you plan modules in the module catalog. In the module catalog, you

create modules, module groups, and their relationships. If you require additional rules, you create these as rule containers.

You define programs in the program catalog. There, you can assign module groups (academic specializations) and modules to the programs. You can also create rules as rule containers.


, you plan the academic events of modules for the given stages using an

integrated enhancement of the

application component.

You manage your resources using the functions of Training and Event Management. However, you create

event offerings for modules in the

module catalog.


enables you to organize and manage the studies of students attending your

university. From admission to de-registration, student administration:

covers the following steps of

  • The student is admitted to the university in the chosen program (following application processing)

  • The student registers for the chosen program

  • The student plans his/her studies by choosing program specializations and booking the teaching

events of the modules assigned to the program

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