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(ISHERCM EHP4 ONLINE GRADING) Web application can be used by an appraiser to




perform appraisal tasks. It can also be used by another appraiser who has been assigned as a substitute.


Before using the application, the user must be assigned as an appraiser.


Executing the new Online Grading Web Dynpro simply requires launching it with the proper configuration:

The Web Dynpro application is called 'PIQUIBB_APPR_SELF_SERVICE_APP', which you need to launch with the configuration (parameter WDCONFIGURATIONID) of 'PIQ_APPR_SELF_SERVICE_APP'.

That is how you launch it by setting up a Favorite in your SAP menu, for example.

I f y o u w a n t t o l a u n c h i t f r o m S E 8 0 , y o u n e e d t o o p e n W D C o m p o n e n t ' F P M _ G A F _ C O M P O N E N T ' . T h e r you will see a node called 'Web Dynpro Applications'. e ,

You can use this function to calculate appraisals for students, to track absences of students and to maintain class attendance:

  • Attendance Tracking can be switched on globally or it can be activated at the Event Type. It can also

be controlled at the individual student level via a BADI.

  • A Web UI is offered to record attendances and absences.

  • A new tab is provided in the Student File to record pre-excused absences. These absences then

update the attendance records for the relevant events.

  • The appraisal aggregation engine has been enhanced to incorporate the attendance result in the

overall grade.

  • The following BADIs are provided for Attendance Tracking functions:

  • Get Attendance Rules

  • Check Student’s Relevance for Attendance

  • Student Attendance Calculation

  • Substitution Derivation for Attendance

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