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Different rules can be used for calculating the Appraisal based on attendance. These rules are maintained at the Module or Organization Unit level. For more flexibility you maintain rules on the SM level.

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IO Semantics are used to identify the Attendance Appraisal Type in the PI calculation.

IO Semantics must be defined in customizing for the Attendance Appraisal Type and should exist once the Appraisal Type is being used for Attendance Tracking.

IMG Navigation Path: SLCM>Processes in SLCM>Attendance Tracking>Define IO Semantics for Attendance Tracking.

Overview on required steps:

  • a.

    Define IO-Semantics for Attendance (APPR)

  • b.

    Define Attendance Appraisal Type

Define on SM level the used calculation rule, scale, and threshold. Define under which condition the attendance requirement is fullfilled.

d. Set Up Derivation for Attendance Calculation Rules

A BADI can be implemented to derive the rules for Attendance calculation. The default implementation reads the calculation rule from Infotype 1723 at the Module and if nothing is found, from the offering Org. Unit.

A sample coding is delivered which customers can use as a guide for coding own implementations.

The calculation performed by the sample coding is as follows: The number of attended Events is divided by the number of event occurrences and compared with the Threshold Value. If the calculated value is lower than the Threshold, then the grade is set to Failed, otherwise to Passed.

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Scale: Note: Calculation rules must be defined to transfer Attendance data to the Appraisal framework

A special grade symbol must be defined in customizing to represent a failed grade based on insufficient attendance.

The BADI Additional Grade Symbols must be implemented in order for the system to accept a grade symbol which is not part of the Academic Scale.

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BADI: SLCM > Processes in SLCM>Appraisal > Business Add-Ins > Additional Grade Symbols

  • A specific Appraisal Type must be defined for the Attendance and should be assigned directly below the top Appraisal. You assign the template to where Attendance is tracked at the organizational level.

  • No weighting needs to be assigned to the Attendance Appraisal Type.

  • A key figure must be assigned to the Top Appraisal to evaluate the Appraisal Result.

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