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Based on the payment and calculation methods you have defined, the SAP system debits the fees for programs, modules and event packages, as well as other fees to the student account. Grants are credited to the student account for the intended purposes.


The functions in

enable you to perform all

activities involved in payment processing including invoicing, dunning, and so on, for students as well as for sponsors Payments can be made by bank transfer, credit card, check, or in cash.

You can display the account balance in the student file.



, you can define how fee revenues are to be distributed within the

university. By doing so, you can integrate the fee revenues in your university’s financial accounting system.

For more information, see Student Accounting (IS-HER-CM-AC).


You can administer all aspects of graduation from a student’s registration for graduation right up to the actual graduation ceremony. When you register a student for graduation, the system opens an assessment process which provides links to requirement profiles and audit runs.


You can use the transaction for editing assessment processes based on programs to monitor assessment processes, and audits in particular.

You cannot create registrations for assessments with audit type “graduation” in the transaction (transaction code PIQEVALREGM). These registrations can only be created within the graduation process.

If you want to generate requirement profiles and run audits, you can use the transaction for process- dependent auditing or the BSP application for audits. The BSP application is a user interface that enables you to make specific adjustments based on a student’s individual requirements.

When you register a student for graduation, the system creates a link to the qualifications. You edit the

qualification that is used for

from within the program’s academic structure. Qualifications that

have not been conferred are flagged as “

”. This enables you to create and edit all

conferment data before you actually confer the qualification.

The system creates other graduation data such as registration date, graduation status (graduation candidate, graduated, etc.), or graduation ceremony data as infotype data in the study object (object type CS). If the student is a graduation candidate, the system shows this status in the student header data.

Prerequisites You have made the settings for graduation in Customizing for



In order to be able to use all graduation functions, you must not only make the Customizing settings for

graduation but also define the required grade calculation methods in


Activities You can create and change graduation data per program or per student. To do so, go to the

screen and choose

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