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  • In the section


  • Defined the program types

  • Assigned progression categories to each program type

  • Defined progress classifications, academic standings, or academic honors

(These settings represent the progression results.) In the section


  • Assigned existing selection methods to selection method group PRGR

  • Implemented the additional selection methods you required in the business add-in

HRPIQ00SELMETHOD and assigned these to selection method group PRGR

Defined performance indices for each progression category

Assigned performance indices to calculation points



  • In the section

  • In the section

  • Created substitutions in the VSR rules

Assigned the substitutions to callup point 0053 ( You have to map your university’s


regulations in the VSR rules. You

do this by creating a rule container and linking this rule container to non-academic callup point 0053.

For more information, see Rules and Substitutions for Program Type Progression.

Process Flow When you run program type progression, the SAP System executes the following process:


The SAP System selects the desired programs based on the given selection method and selection

variant (from objects of the

object type).

2. The SAP System filters the selected objects based on the values you specify in the



parameters. For more information, see Program for Program

Type Progression.

  • 3.

    The SAP System executes progression for those students who have taken academic work in the given program type and whose data match the specified filter criteria. Progression is determined per student on the basis of his/her program types and the active progression categories.

  • 4.

    The progression program first calls the hold manager at callup point 0053, which it then uses to determine if a progression hold is set for the student in question. If so, progression is terminated. If not, progression continues as described in the following.


Each time the SAP System reaches one of the calculation points defined for progression, it branches to the performance index calculation assigned to the calculation point in question and transfers a specific set of academic work objects.

An academic work object is included in program type progression if the following conditions apply:

    • The academic work object is assigned to the program type.

    • The relevant progression categories are active (flagged).

    • The valid-from date of the module booking is before or identical to the check-to date (and is after the internal check-from date).

  • 6.

    From the given set of academic work objects, the SAP System determines the performance indices which are assigned to the calculation point.

  • 7.

    The SAP System returns the performance indices it determines to the progression application.

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