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    The progression application transfers the program types and progression categories as well as the performance indices it determines to the VSR rules at callup point 0053.

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    Using the rules assigned to callup point 0053 in the VSR rules, the SAP System determines whether the performance indices meet the given requirements. If so, the system uses substitutions defined in the rules to set the result for the progression category and the result status.

The progression application branches to the rules only once per student. The substitutions for all program types and progression categories are executed successively (this is due to the fact that the system has only one callup point for progression, which is 0053). You therefore have to configure the rules so that the SAP System can process the relevant program types and progression categories


when this one callup point is reached. The VSR rules returns the progression result and the associated result status (


, or

). (You can define the individual progression results in Customizing when you create the

program types.)

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    The SAP System writes the result and the associated result status in the

    • (1737)

      of the student (object type ST). You can display this result on the tab page in the student file.

infotype record


The progression application calls the hold manager to which it then transfers the result and result status. The hold manager then performs the further process steps.


The SAP System displays the program type progression result and the associated result status on the tab page in the student file.

The hold manager sets the holds and statuses for the student in question based on the values transferred; automatic or manual processing is possible here.

Use The program for

checks the academic progress of students who are registered in

a specific program type. After successfully completing the check, the program automatically sets the results for one or more of the following progression categories:

  • Academic standing according to institutional rules

  • Academic standing according to the rules governing financial aid

  • Progress classification according to institutional rules

  • Progress classification according to the rules governing financial aid

  • Academic honors

You can manually override the values set by the program.


Before you can execute this program, you must enter a selection method on the program selection screen. The SAP System uses the selection method to select the objects for which progression is to be determined. When you have selected a selection method, the SAP System displays the field. In this field, you must specify a selection variant. If the system does not offer any possible selection variant entries,

you can create the selection variant you require.

For more information, see Object Selection for Program Type Progression [Page 29].

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