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The program type groups the programs for which progression is determined concurrently. You must

therefore define the program type in the

object (SC). You can also define the program type for an

academic work object (


object), or assign it to a module booking

manually. A module booking can be assigned several program types.

You can book an academic work object for a program or program type. You can define whether the SAP System should always make bookings either to the program or to the program type, or whether users should be allowed to select between these two object types. You make this

setting in Customizing for

in the section


Prerequisites For of an overview of the required Customizing settings, see Program Type Progression Process.

Features You can control program type progression by means of the following fields on the program selection screen.

The check-to date is the date up to which academic work is included in the progression run, and thus defines the academic work which is relevant for progression. The program also uses the check-to date when calculating performance indices. The check-to date influences the execution category of the program.

The SAP System proposes the check-to date value which it determines as follows: The top organizational unit in the academic calendar must contain a value for time limit 0100 (

). Based on the system date, t

he SAP System determines the current session for time limit 0100 of

this organizational unit, and uses the end date of this session as the default check-to date.

The SAP System uses an internal check-from date. The check-from date is the day after the check-to date of the last progression run. If progression has not yet been executed, the SAP System uses the start date of the object (object type CS) as the check-from date.

The period between the check-from date and the check-to date is the check period. The SAP System includes all the academic work objects whose valid-from date is within the check period in the progression run. The valid-from date of an academic work object is the key date as of which this academic work object is

relevant for progression. This key date is stored in the

(1725) infotype record of


(object type ST) (


The check-from date is also used to determine grade averages in performance index calculation.

This is the date as of which progression is valid for the student. This date must be greater than or equal to the check-to date. The SAP System proposes the day after the check-to date (check-to date plus one) as the default value.

The execution category defines the mode in which program type progression is executed. The system offers the following execution categories for progression:


No progression data exists for the student in the specified program type.

The initial progression run provides the basis for

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