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On the program selection screen, only the fields of the progression categories which are relevant for the given program type are ready for input. Consequently, the progression categories you can use for a program

type must be assigned to this program type in Customizing for ).

(IMG activity

If required, you can restrict the allowed progression categories in the


infotype record of the

. This may be necessary if one of the student’s academic work objects is

relevant for several program types.

On the program selection screen, you can further restrict the allowed progression categories by removing the flag from the progression category you want to deactivate.

You can manually enter the result and result status for an allowed progression category only if

you have selected the execution category



To execute program type progression, choose

from the SAP menu. When you have entered the required values, choose


After executing the progression run, the SAP System outputs a log containing the processing statistics and the messages it output.

Use The

program transfers the program types, progression categories and

performance indices it determines to the VSR rules at callup point 0053 () (see Program Type Progression Process).

The progression program branches to the rules only once per student. The substitutions for all program types and progression categories are executed successively (this is due to the fact that the system has only one callup point for progression, which is 0053). You therefore have to configure the rules so that the SAP System can process all the relevant program types and progression categories when this one callup point is reached.

Callup point 0053 is a non-academic VSR callup point with relevance for status indicators (see table



Configuration of the rules is a very complex undertaking which requires a detailed knowledge of these. For information on this, read the documentation on rules.

Integration The SAP System uses the following structures when it transfers data to the rules:








Before you can execute progression, you have to create the substitutions you require in the rules. You can create a substitution which sets the following three values:

13. Decision: Is the progression prerequisite fulfilled for the given progression category?

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