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The SAP System uses a substitution to set the value which determines if the academic prerequisite for progression is fulfilled. The SAP System can use this value to determine if progression should be executed for a progression category.

In a particular progression category, students must have earned at least 12 credits since the check-from date before progression can be run for this progression category.

The prerequisite could be structured as follows:

    • a.

      Does progression category A (the one to be checked) exist?

    • b.

      Do the required number of credits exist?

    • c.

      Is the program type in question B, and do the required number credits (for B) exist?

  • 14.

    Progression result

You have defined the possible progression result values in Customizing when you created the program types. The SAP System sets these values in the structure PIQRULEPROGR_GR_RESULT.


When you create substitutions, the system does not offer search help with the possible progression result values. You therefore have to copy these values from Customizing, for example, to a clipboard.

Result status

The SAP System derives the result status from the result of performance index calculation, and can replace this value in the rules using a substitution. The result status can have the following values:

  • : The SAP was able to determine a definitive progression result.

  • : The SAP was not able to determine a definitive progression result, for example, because the module bookings have not all been followed-up.

  • : The SAP was not able to determine a definitive progression result, for example, because the module bookings have not all been followed-up and the specified check-to date is in the future.


You can use the application to manually set the progression status of students in each stage of their registered programs.

You first choose the students in a particular program based on the selection criteria , . In the list the SAP System displays for the given criteria, you can set one , and

progression status for each student.


The SAP System displays the progression statuses you have set manually on the page in the Student File.



You have defined the required progression statuses. You make this setting in Customizing for

in the section



16. From the SAP menu, choose .

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