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which fulfils the subrequirement. You can use a search function to find the modules. You can assign these modules to subrequirements, for example, if you want to simulate specific configurations.

You want to simulate the following audit runs:

  • Audit run with another program, for example for a change of program

  • Audit run with another academic specialization

  • Audit run with possible module choices

Prerequisites You have created a requirement profile for the student. Process-Dependent Audit


Y o u c a n u s e r e p o r t p r o g r a m R H I Q A U D I T _ M P _ C P ( A u d i t ( P r o c e s s - D e p e n d e n t ) ) t o e x e c u t e t h e f o l l o w i n functions for a set of assessment processes: g

  • Generate requirement profiles

The system generates new requirement profiles.

  • Execute audits (create)

The system executes an audit for the existing requirement profiles.

  • Check audits (change)

The system checks the existing audits again. You can only use this function if audits exist for the selected objects.

Activities To start the report program, proceed as follows:


From the

screen, choose .


Choose a .


Select an existing



, or create a new

Then enter the following parameters:

The system determines if additional parameters are required for the audit type you have chosen.

  • If you use the audit program for a stage audit, you must use the stage as a parameter. You do not have to enter this value; it is optional. You can also use this parameter as an additional filter criterion if you wish to.

If you have selected the cannot enter an execution mode.

, you

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