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166 / 190 BSP Application for Audits


You can use the BSP application PIQ_AUDIT to edit and manage requirement profiles and audits. Audits can be used to monitor degree or stage completion.

The BSP application enables you to make manual changes and corrections, for example if the result is not fulfilled. For automatic evaluations, you can use the following report programs:

RHIQAUDIT_MP_CP (Audit (Process-Dependent)) RHIQAUDIT_MP_CS (Audit (Process-Independent))


The BSP application offers different views of the application and can be called from the following views, which are predefined by SAP:

  • EV01 - Expert view (with reference to assessment processes)

  • EV02 - Expert view

  • EXV1 - Extended maintenance dialog (with reference to assessment processes)

  • EXV2 - Extended maintenance dialog

  • SV01 - Student view (with reference to assessment processes)

  • SV02 – Student view

The views are intended for different users (for example, students, experts, or extended maintenance dialog) whom the system offers different editing options. For each view, you can define which actions (create audit, create requirement profile, etc.) and which exceptions (overwrite key figures, insert or delete subrequirement, etc.) are allowed. By doing so, you can change the appearance of the user interface. If the creation of requirement profiles is not allowed in a particular view, then the system will not display the pushbutton for this action. For example, if you do not activate the exception which allows overwriting of key figures in a view, then the respective fields are not ready for input.

You can also have a BSP application refer to an assessment process (see Assessment Process Based on Programs). In this case, the system displays the assessment process when you create requirement profiles and audits.

You make view settings in Customizing for →→

under Admission Audit


You can run admission audits. When you activate this function for a program of study, the system automatically creates an assessment process with the requirements that have been defined for this program.

The following functions cannot be used for admission audits:

  • It is not possible to create scheduled assessments for audit assessments in the

transaction (transaction code PIQEVALM).

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