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  • It is not possible to create registrations for audit assessments in the

transaction (transaction code PIQEVALREGM). Registrations can only be created within the admission process.

Integration The system automatically recognizes and duns unfulfilled requirements, such as missing documents. You

can create reminders for missing requirements with the

function (transaction

FPCODU). As these reminders are created with the Print Workbench, all the tool’s other setting options are also available to you.

You can manage the documents you receive and the ones that are missing by connecting to . For more information about this topic, see Integration of Records Management.

When you compile requirements for admission audits, you can use requirement profile templates.


You have made the required settings for admission audits in Customizing for



You have explicitly activated this function for every program of study that uses it in the

infotype (1730). You activate this function by setting the

indicator there. This

activation must apply from the start of the semester to avoid problems with the admission applications that already exist for each program.

You have made the required settings for dunning inbound correspondence. You make these settings in

Customizing for



If you want to run , you must set up a basic configuration of


Activities I f t h e a d m i s s i o n a u d i t f u n c t i o n i s a c t i v a t e d f o r t h e p r o g r a m y o u a r e p r o c e s s i n g , y o u c a n s w i t c h t o a d m i s s i o n tab page in the editing by choosing the can run an audit by choosing the pushbutton on the pusbutton. . There, you

You should schedule the job for dunning missing inbound correspondence at regular intervals.


The audit trail enables you to keep track of which data was changed when and by whom. The system records data changes in change documents or activity documents.

Prerequisites Y o u m u s t a c t i v a t e B u s i n e s s C o n f i g u r a t i o n S e t I S H E R C M _ I N F T Y _ C H D O C t o e n a b l e t h e c r e a t i o n o f c h a n g e

documents. For more information, go to Customizing for

and refer to IMG




When you change student master data, the system logs these changes in the following infotypes by creating change documents:

  • 1701 (


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