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  • View requirement catalogs

  • Edit assessments and assessment processes

  • Determine progression

  • Edit appraisals

  • Edit graduation data

A user interface (UI) is available for academic advisors in higher education institutions. The new Advisor UI provides services to academic advisors, that have been developed in Web Dynpro for ABAP. The advisor can use this new interface to access all the required functions from one single point of entry.



contains the following functions:

Advisor o o o o o

o Student o

o o o o o o

Work List View all students at a glance Perform a student quick search based on student name or student number Perform a search for students based on criteria such as a student's program registration Compile and customize reports for academic advising, such as BW queries and R/3 reports Access multiple services for academic advising, such as simulation of equivalency determination Navigate to the Info Center Obtain an overview of student information, such as contact details, program of study and equivalency determination View a detailed result for a single audit run View a simulated equivalency determination result Create or remove holds for a student Write an advisory note containing information on an advising meeting

Customize the layout of the Launch advising services for a student from the module plan for the student.*

, such as building a

*This function is

only supported in the Enterprise Portal.

The following advising services are available:

  • Simulation of equivalency determination

You can simulate equivalency determination for a current or prospective student. You can choose the external organization and external achievements of a student and obtain the result of simulated equivalency determination. The simulated result is not stored.

  • Search transfer agreements

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