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Documents in document types in Customizing for

are addressed by the anchor attribute. You can assign anchors to .


You can create records for students in

student file. Choose

by branching to this application from the in the student file. If no record exists, the system asks

you if you want to create one. If you answer the prompt with yes, the system will create a record in Records Management and then create a link between this record and the associated student business partner.

The system uses the transaction ORGANIZER to display and change records in


When you run an admission audit, the system can check if a certain document exists in a record. You can implement this check in the condition of an index-independent subrequirement. If you want to run an existence check, you can use function module

H R I Q _ S R M _ D O C T Y P E _ E X I S T (



In addition to generic functions, Student Lifecycle Management also offers certain country-specific functions. These are functions that are only used in a particular country and cover needs arising from local legislation or business practices. The following country-specific functions are delivered:

For the United Kingdom:

  • UCAS Interface

For the United States:

  • IPEDS Reporting

  • Veterans Reporting

  • 1098-T Reporting

  • SEVIS Reporting

  • NSCH Reporting


The country-specific functions listed above are contained within the Student Lifecycle Management component and are supplied as standard.


The functions documented here are functions that are not otherwise covered by the generic Student Lifecycle Management functions. Student Lifecycle Management provides these additional functions to enable you to meet country-specific requirements.


This component is designed for use by universities in the United States. It comprises Student Lifecycle Management functions that are designed for laws and business practices particular to the United States.

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