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Specify the standard duration of academic sessions in the academic calendar by defining time limit

0100, by choosing

Indicate first-time students for admission categories, by choosing


In addition, you have to make the following setting in Customizing for


  • Define numeric codes for the US state codes by setting up country region codes, by choosing

Finally, you have to make the following setting in Customizing for


Define the physical file path indicating where the logical file created by the report is to be stored, by



The following details

are predefined:

L o g i c a l f i l e n a m e I S H E R C M _ U S _ I P E D S _ F I L E N A M Logical file path – ISHERCM_US_IPEDS E P h y s i c a l f i l e n a m e I P E D S < P A R A M _ 1 > . < P A R A M _ 2 >

To access the IPEDS Reporting solution, on the →→

screen, choose

To run the reports, proceed as follows:

  • 6.

    Select the corresponding radio button for the required report.

  • 7.

    Enter your organizational ID, as defined above under

  • 8.

    If you want to report certain students only, select the

choose the selection method you created above under



checkbox and

9. Choose the pushbutton for the relevant report. The selection options for that report are displayed. Enter the relevant reporting dates, and indicate what information is to be reported by selecting the 10.


corresponding checkboxes as required. Select your preferred output option. If you choose to download the file, the

box appears. Select whether you want to

download the file to the presentation server or the application server, and enter the file path and parameter.


Choose . A new screen appears, displaying the information requested for the students selected. Here, you can

view more information for each student listed by choosing the pushbutton to view the error log, for example.

button, or you can choose the

After reviewing the list of data output in the format specified (as a text file if it is to comply with the legal requirements), you can then submit the file to the relevant authorities. Veterans Reporting


In the United States, students who are veterans or dependents of veterans are entitled to financial benefits for education. To receive such benefits, the university’s certifying official has to complete an enrollment

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