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181 / 190 1098-T Reporting


In the United States, educational institutions are required to issue a tuition statement containing details about tuition fees and related expenses to be paid by students to enroll in or attend a program of study, and any grants or scholarships awarded to students for the payment of these costs.

This report enables you to report the net amounts billed for tuition and related expenses and the value of scholarships and grants awarded, as well as adjustments made to these amounts for the current and previous year, for selected students. You can then print this information and send it to the authorities..


You have to make the following settings in Customizing for Student Lifecycle Management:

Carry out 1098-T specific settings in Customizing for Student Lifecycle Management, by choosing


Ensure that you configure the following customizing entries, since they are valid for 1098-T reporting from the year 2007 onwards:

Create a selection method, and subsequently assign it to the selection method group /US1, by


This Selection Method is used to determine the set of students that you wish to process. You should ensure that you only select U.S. Resident students (as determined by your institution), and that you also only select students with relevant academic enrollment.

Define, and subsequently assign, fee calculation periods, by choosing

Define Fee Calculation Periods and Assign Academic Years and Sessions to Fee Calculation Periods.

Define posting settings for fees, by choosing

  • Define posting settings for grants, by choosing

You also have to make the following setting in Customizing for Cross-Application Components:

D e f i n e t h e p h y s i c a l f i l e p a t h i n d i c a t i n g w h e r e t h e l o g i c a l f i l e ( I S H E R C M _ U S _ 1 0 9 8 T ) c r e a t e d b y t h e

report is to be stored, by choosing

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