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In the United States, educational institutions are required to report specific data regarding the enrollment status of students to the National Student Clearing House. The National Student Clearing House (NSCH) is a private organization governed by a board of directors comprising of representatives from educational institutions, guarantors, and lenders. It aims to facilitate reporting by universities to student loan industry participants and to the Government. The NSCH collects data on both students and sponsors, which can subsequently be used to facilitate the administration of granting student loans, as well as for reference purposes when students are applying for employment or further courses of study.

The NSCH offers various services to fulfill different reporting requirements. Student Lifecycle Management currently supports two of these services and comes with reports that you can use to compile the data required. The Student Lifecycle Management NSCH Reporting solution covers the following two services:

  • Core Services

  • Degree Verify

For more information, see NSCH Core Services Reporting and NSCH Degree Verify Reporting NSCH Core Services Reporting

Use The NSCH Core Services Reporting solution enables you to compile the data required for student reporting

purposes. You can use the

report to view or

download enrollment data for students, which you can subsequently transmit to NSCH, as required.

Prerequisites Before you run the

report for core services, you

have to have maintained the student master data and academic data as usual, and also carried out the IMG

activities in Customizing for

by choosing



On the

screen, choose


28. 29.

Enter the organization unit ID for your institution.

Select the only.

checkbox if you want to restrict the report selection to specific students


Enter the enrollment start and end date to define the date range during which students are enrolled at the institution in order to be included in the reporting.

31. 32.

Enter the relevant academic year and session for reporting.

Select the

checkbox if the reporting period is a standard term. If you have agreed with

NSCH to transmit data at other intervals, do not select this checkbox.

  • 33.

    In the dialog box, select whether you want the system to display the output in a list and/or to generate a file, which can be downloaded either to the presentation server and application server, as specified.

  • 34.

    You can then send the data to NSCH, according to the transmission schedule that you have agreed.

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