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Universities exchange student information with IB-Groep for processing student loans. The exchange of messages is in a flat file format.


  • Functionality: The country-specific functionality for Netherlands enables the SLCM system to process incoming student applications, received from Studielink. Upon receipt of a message, SLCM performs the following tasks:

  • 1.

    Creates a new student record

  • 2.

    Routes the incoming message to the workflow of the faculty responsible for processing


student application. A faculty can accept or reject an application, or ask for more information. Sends a message to Studielink about the status of the application.

Note: In case of an error in communication, system stores the message in a table. There are reports that you may use to send these messages to Studielink.

Note: There are Netherlands specific reports in the SLCM system, which you can use to send the status messages to Studielink and to IB-Groep

In addition to the exchange of messages with Studielink, the system also exchanges data with IB-Groep, in a flat file format.

  • Workflows

When a message comes into SLCM, the system creates workflows for the processing of these messages. It creates the workflow against the faculty responsible for a particular category of applications, for example, in case of a request for admission to a specific course, the system directs the request to the workflow of the faculty responsible for that specific course.

  • CRIHO Process

SLcM system records events such as creation of a new student registration, change in registration, de- registration for communication to the IB-Groep. Using the relevant reports, you can generate flat files that contain this information, for sending to IB-Groep. For example, a successful registration of the student to a Program of Study creates an SM-01 entry that is ready for communication to IB- Groep. In the case of an incoming flat files received from IB-Groep, you can run a report to update the relevant student records.


There are reports available to send messages to Studielink and IB-Groep. Also available is a utility report, which uploads reference files into SLCM. To access the same, on the choose, .

Reference files contain data such as the Country codes, Country names, and Education codes. Using the utility report, you can upload the reference files to SLCM, and map the data to its equivalent values in SLCM. You can map the same using the available customizing tables.

You can also upload Address requests from IB-Groep using this tool.

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