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You maintain the customizing activities for

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business package contains the portal role and

Web Dynpro (WD) applications for appraisal self-service.


In order to be able to use this business package, you need a Web Application Server (WAD) on which a portal and J2EE server is installed. You also need an SAP system on which Student Lifecycle Management is installed.


This business package enables instructors to fulfill the appraisal tasks which are assigned to them. Instructors can obtain an overview of the appraisal tasks entrusted to them per academic offering and academic period. For each academic offering, instructors can display the registered students and the associated appraisal-relevant data. They can also display and change the appraisal results of each student.

Instructors can run the appraisal process for their appraisal tasks. The system displays all of the assigned students and their appraisal results. The system guides instructors through the entire appraisal process for each academic offering. The appraisal process itself is split into small, logical steps. Users can define which tasks they want to perform in the current step and which ones they want to complete in subsequent steps.

Activities Before you can use this business package, you must perform the following activities:

  • Import the business package into the portal. You can download the business package from the


  • In the portal, create an SAP system object with the system alias SAP_HER. The SAP system object must be linked to the SAP system on which Student Lifecycle Management runs.

  • In the J2EE server, use the software component archive (SCA) for the components SAPPCUI_GP and IS-HER-CSS. Configure the following destinations of the SAP Java Connector (JCo) in the J2EE server:

_ SAP HER_MetaData

_ SAP R3_HumanResources

_ _ SAP R3_HumanResources MetaData

_ SAP R3_HumanResources

_ _ SAP R3_HumanResources MetaData



Configure these JCo destinations for the Student Lifecycle Management system in the single sign-on (SSO) mode.

Create a user in the portal and J2EE server for every appraiser who uses the appraisal self-service application. Assign these users the portal role “university instructor” in the portal.

  • Make the required backend settings in the Student Lifecycle Management system to start the

appraisal process.

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