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You can assign a rule container (object type RC) to modules so that the system can perform checks in specific activities.

You can also assign modules an academic calendar (object type CA) containing the relevant dates and periods.

You can combine modules to module groups (object type CG) and set up a hierarchy. Module groups can be assigned to a program of study. You can assign modules to more than one module group and reuse their program contents. You can also assign modules directly to a program.

You can manage modules in the module catalog which displays all the modules of an organizational unit. In the module catalog, you can assign business event offerings to modules.

When you create a new module or maintain an existing module, you create and change the following infotypes of the module:

  • (1000)

  • (1001)

  • (1002)

  • (1018)

  • (1024)

  • (1710)

  • (1738)

  • (1739)

  • (1741)

  • (1742)

  • (1744)

  • (1746)

  • (1751)

  • (1752)

Creating/Maintaining Modules


The academic unit w/o dates and business event can both be created from a business event type. Unlike business events, academic units w/o dates do not require a schedule or resources such as rooms and instructors.

An academic unit w/o dates can be a distance study offering or a course offered via the Internet.

Use The system creates an academic unit w/o dates when you create an event without a schedule and

resources. It also creates an academic unit w/o dates when you create an

, that is, a

business event without a set schedule. If you subsequently enter a schedule, the system changes the academic unit w/o dates to a business event.

The academic offerings of a university consist of business events and academic units w/o dates. You create and schedule business events, and create academic units w/o dates when you maintain a business event offering. You can book persons for an academic unit w/o dates as soon as it exists in the system.

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