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The delivery mode of the business event type (object type D) determines whether the offering is a business event or an academic unit w/o dates. When you create an academic unit w/o dates (object type EL), the system offers only those business event types that have the appropriate delivery modes. When you create an academic unit w/o dates, you can add data to the business event type default values.

You can build your own academic offerings in

by combining business events

and academic units w/o dates to a business event package (object type SE). This has the advantage that students can simultaneously book all academic offerings within a package instead booking events and academic units w/o dates separately.

Structure An academic unit w/o dates (object type EL) contains the following infotypes:

  • (1000)

  • (1001), for the following objects:

    • Campus (024)

    • Resource (520)

    • Student (547)

    • Business event type (507)

    • Business event package (512)

  • (1002)

  • (1024)

  • (1062)

  • (1739)

Requires resources such as instructors and rooms.

Does not require resources.

Requires a schedule (date, and start and end times).

Does not require a schedule.

Takes place at a specific campus. Has capacity restrictions

Is independent of the campus. Does not have capacity restrictions.


A business event is a concrete event with set start and end dates which has been created from a business event type. It takes place at a specific campus, and requires resources such as rooms and instructors.


The academic offerings of a university consist of business events and academic units w/o dates. You create business events and academic units w/o dates, and schedule business events when you set up a business event offering. You can book persons for a business event as soon as it exists in the system.

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