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The delivery mode of the business event type (object type D) determines whether the offering is a business event or an academic unit w/o dates. When you create a business event (object type E), the system offers only those business event types that have the appropriate delivery modes. Apart from the business event type data the system uses when you create an event, you must enter additional data such as location,

schedule, required resources, etc. You can build your own academic offerings in

by combining business events

and academic units w/o dates to a business event package (object type SE). This has the advantage that students can book all the academic offerings within a package at once instead of having to book events and academic units w/o dates separately.

Structure A business event (object type E) contains the following infotypes:

  • (1000)

  • (1001), for the following objects:

    • Campus (024)

    • Resource (023)

    • Resource type (053)

    • Student (025)

    • Business event type (507)

    • Business event package (512)

  • (1002)

  • (1024)

  • (1035)

  • (1739)

Requires resources such as instructors and rooms.

Does not require resources.

Requires a schedule (date, and start and end times).

Does not require a schedule.

Takes place at a specific campus. Has capacity restrictions.

Is independent of the campus. Does not have capacity restrictions.


A business event package is a combination of academic offerings (business events and academic units w/o dates which are offered for a module in an academic session.

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