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Business event types are elements of a module. A business event type is a generic description of an academic event without set dates.


Business event types (object type E) and academic units w/o dates (object type EL) are created from a business event type (object type D). Business events have a schedule, require resources such as instructors and rooms, and take place at a specific campus. Academic units w/o dates, however, do not require a schedule, resources, or a campus.

The attributes which are typical for all academic events of a specific type are stored in the business event

type. The

of the business event type determines whether it is a blueprint for business events

or academic units w/o dates.

Business event types are elements of a module which serve as templates. The system uses the business event type data as default values when you create or plan business events or academic units w/o dates. You can overwrite these default values in the business events or academic units w/o dates.


In infotypes which are not used in

, the business event type (object type D) uses the following additional :

  • (1731)

Infotype 1731 contains the following fields:

The category determines the form in which a business event is presented (lecture, tutorial, lab, etc.).

The category also defines whether or not you can create individual work for this business event type.

The teaching method describes the way in which the content of a module or business event type is offered (classroom instruction, distance study, etc.).

The delivery mode determines how the content of an academic event is presented to students (in a lecture, as a tutorial, in an e-learning session, etc.).

The delivery mode also determines whether you have to create a business event or an academic unit w/o dates for the offering.

Defines whether attendance is mandatory for this business event type.

(1753) Infotype 1753 contains the fields


. In this infotype, you define the

anticipated number of teaching hours required for an academic event.

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