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You can implement additional selection methods using business add-in HRPIQ00SELMETHOD (IMG



  • In Customizing, you will also find example source code which you can use to integrate selection

methods in a customer-specific program.


Before you can execute program type progression, you must enter the selection method and selection variant you want to use for object selection on the selection screen of the progression program.

You want to execute program type progression. Only students with the customer status Passed mid-term exam should be selected. You therefore choose a selection method which chooses students according to their study status. You enter the appropriate status as a parameter in the selection variant.


Every selection method contains one or more selection variants. You use the selection variant to fill the required parameters of the selection method you have chosen. For example if the selection method contains a hold parameter, you can specify a hold from the application using a selection variant.

uses only the selection methods of selection method group PRGR ( ). You must therefore assign all the selection methods for program type progression to selection

method group PRGR. You make this setting in Customizing for

in the section


You can then choose the selection methods which are assigned to selection method group PRGR on the selection screen. In the standard system, selection method group PRGR is assigned the following selection methods:

  • User-defined search 1 (ST01)

  • Personal data and status (STAT)

  • Students with a sessional registration (STRE)

You must implement any additional selection methods you need in Customizing using business add-in HRPIQ00SELMETHOD.

You can only execute

if programs of study and registered students exist in

the system. In the system, selection method group PRGR is assigned to the object type (CS).

This is because the object has a 1:1 relationship with a

as with a

object (object type ST). Because every

object (object type SC) as well object is linked to exactly one

object (see

infotype (1001) for CS object with relationship A 514 (

)) and the o b j e c t i s a s s i g n e d t o s e l e c t i o n m e t h o d g r o u p P R G R , s e l e c t i o n b y object (object type ST) to selection program is possible. It is not advisable to assign the

method group PRGR because a student can be registered for several programs some of which may already have been completed.

You can access the documentation for an implemented selection method by choosing



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