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Before you can execute mass de-registration, you must enter the required selection method and an associated selection variant on the selection screen of the mass de-registration program.

You want the system to automatically de-register all the students in the are not registered or on leave of absence, and therefore do not have a current To do so, you choose a selection method which selects students without a

program who

. In


the selection variant of this selection method, you enter the current academic session and the program. The mass de-registration program then chooses the required students based on the given selection criteria.

If no selection variant exists for the selection method, you can create one on the selection screen of the mass de-registration program. Every selection method can have several selection variants. You use the selection variant to fill the required parameters of the selection method you have chosen. If, for example, the selection method contains parameters for the academic year and session, you can use the selection variant to specify the year and session from the application.


The mass de-registration program uses only selection methods of selection method group DER1 ( ). You must therefore assign all the selection methods you want to use for mass de-registration to selection method group DER1. You make this setting in Customizing for in

the section .

The selection methods which are assigned to selection method group DER1 are then offered as possible

entries on the

selection screen. In the standard system, selection method group DER1

is assigned the following selection methods:

  • Students without a sessional registration (DE00)

  • User-defined search 1 (ST01)

  • Personal data and status (STAT)

You must implement any additional selection methods you need in Customizing using business add-in HRPIQ00SELMETHOD.

Every selection method you use for mass de-registration must return objects which belong to the

object type

(CS) because, in the SAP System, a de-registration activity always refers to a

program and thus to a group DER1.

object. The

object type is therefore assigned to selection method

You can access the documentation for an implemented selection method by choosing




Archiving frees up space and improves performance of the system. You can archive the following Student Lifecycle Management data:

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