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Define/check the number assignment in Customizing for →→

by choosing .


You can create a new entry for the object type

in Customizing for

by choosing

If you use a number assignment that is valid for all plan versions, create a new entry for subgroup .

If you use a number assignment that is not valid for all plan versions, create a new entry for subgroup


represents the active plan version .

Save the new entry, and create a new internal number range interval

, for example 00000001 to

99999999 or 50000000 to 99999999.

You do not have to create the external number range interval for students unless you want to assign the object ID externally for initial data transfer.

The student number is one means of identifying students in Student Lifecycle Management.

In the

field, you can enter an up to 12-character alphanumeric key.

The student number is stored in the field SHORT of infotype 1000.

The standard SAP System only supports numeric student numbers. If you do not want to use all 12 digits, you have two options:

  • You can create number range intervals so that all numbers start with a zero. A 10-digit number then ranges from 000000000001 to 009999999999 although all 12 digits are used and displayed.

  • You also can use and fewer than 12 digits. A ten-digit number then fills the first 10 spaces of the student number field. The last two spaces are empty.

  • For numeric student numbers, you can use a standard function which allows internal and external assignment of student numbers.

  • You may not use different number range intervals for different categories of students.

  • You can also use alphanumeric student numbers, but then have to implement a business add-in to assign internal numbers or check external number assignments (see below).

The student number is an attribute of the object

(object type ST). It retains its validity

throughout the entire object validity period. The system ensures that each student number is used only once. Each student is assigned a unique number.

  • The student number is not used as a key field for database tables.

  • The student number can be changed with transaction PIQSTU1.

You have to decide whether you want to use numeric or alphanumeric student numbers.

If you use numeric student numbers, proceed as follows:


Decide how many places you need to store and display your student numbers, and whether you wish to use internal and/or external numbers. You make the required settings in Customizing for

by choosing


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