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Define two number range intervals. You make this setting in Customizing for

by choosing


You can define a ten-digit numeric key with an external number range (

) and an internal number range (


, flagged as external


Define the numbers ranges you wish to use in Student Lifecycle Management. You make this setting in

Customizing for

by choosing


If you want to assign alphanumeric student numbers, you have to implement the business add-in HRPIQ00_ST_NUMBER. You make this setting in Customizing for




The business partner number is the technical key which identifies the business partner. You can find the business partner number via the student number. The business partner number has the following attributes:

  • Ten-character alphanumeric key

  • Key field for business partner database tables

  • The business partner number is displayed in business partner (BP) and Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable (FI-CA) transactions.

  • The business partner number cannot be changed once it has been assigned.

  • When you create a student, the system automatically creates a business partner with a defined business partner grouping. The number is assigned according to the Customizing settings. If the case of external assignment, the user does not have to perform any actions; the terms "internal and external assignment" are used only for the business partner number range, and not for the user or the student number. The system will allow you to overwrite an internally assigned number with an external number if you have implemented the appropriate business add-in.

  • A business partner number range is assigned to a business partner grouping. For the business partner grouping, you can use either external or internal number range assignment (if you take into account the number range intervals for business partners).

There are three different ways of setting up the business partner number.

  • Assign (different) business partner numbers using internal assignment.

  • Use the student number as the business partner number.

Find out which method best suits your needs.

In this standard method, the number interval (for example, the number range interval 8000000000 to 8999999999) is defined for the student’s business partner. Business partner numbers are set up independently of other numbers. You only have to decide if you want to use a separate business partner grouping and/or number range interval for students.

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