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. Contract objects can also be created manually.

To do so, go to the the quick info text

tab page in .

and choose


You can also create contract objects in the student’s contract account (see above).

Bank Data and Payment Card Data

To edit bank details and payment card data for a student, go to the student master data maintenance.

tab page in

Use T h e s t u d e n t f i l e i s t h e c e n t r a l a p p l i c a t i o n f o r c r e a t i n g , d i s p l a y i n g , a n d c h a n g i n g s t u d e n t m a s t e r a n d s t u d y by choosing data. You access the student file from the

. From the student file, you can execute

activities such as registration, change

of program, or de-registration. You can also monitor academic progression, process student applications, and maintain statuses and holds using this application.

The student file uses the object manager, which is a convenient user tool for student search and selection.

In the object manager search area, you can also search by last selected students or create your own search variant.


You can branch to master data maintenance by choosing one of the functions located next to the :







You can also edit student master data directly using the application dialogs for master data maintenance.

When you create student master data, the SAP System automatically creates an

as an integral element of the


Student study data is displayed on tab pages. The number, title, and order of tab pages in your system can differ from those described in the following as these settings may be adapted to

individual requirements in Customizing for

in the section


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