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When you choose the

action which you can access

from the

pushbutton, the system executes the following activity irrespective of the admission

application status:

If the status is , the system executes the


If the status is

or if there is no status supplement, the system executes the activity.

Depending on the status supplement, the system resets the admission application status as follows:

  • Status supplement

In this case, the system resets the admission application’s status to .

Status supplement I n t h i s c a s e , y o u c a n d e f i n e w h e t h e r o r n o t t h e s y s t e m s h o u l d r e s e t t h e a d m i s s i o n a p p l i c a t i o n s s t a t u s or (= admitted) by making the appropriate entry in a dialog box. If you reset the to

status of the admission application to

, the system performs the same VSR rule checks as it

does for the


The activities:

field appears on the screen when you execute the following

  • Create an admission application

When you create an admission application, the system defaults to the system date which can be overwritten.

  • Change an admission application

  • Execute an admission if no admission application exists for it

  • Change an admission

  • Change the program in the admission application

  • Change the program in the admission


Program registration is one of the activities you can perform for a student on the Student File. Registration is an activity and always refers to a specific academic session.

tab page in the


The SAP System always links a student (object type ST) with a program (object type SC) via the


(object type CS). The object therefore contains all of the

student’s program registration data.

When you create an initial registration, the SAP System creates a

(infotype 1771

record for the

object) and a study segment (infotype 1769 record for the

object). When you

create a re-registration, the SAP System creates a

but not a new study segment.

The study segment the SAP System creates for an initial registration is an open study segment with the end date 31.12.9999. When you create a de-registration or a change of program, the SAP System ends the study segment by entering the relevant end date. Thus, the study segment becomes a closed study segment. (You can cancel the study segment when you create a de-registration. This function is provided especially for cases in which the student does not take up the chosen course of study although (s)he has registered).

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