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In the student file on the uses on a student:

tab page, you can confer an internal qualification with the following

  • Qualification for a program, that is, for program completion You can only select the programs in which the student is or was registered.

  • Qualification for stage completion You can only confer this qualification if you offer programs with stages.

  • Qualification without a program reference

On the

tab page, the SAP system lists the qualifications that were conferred on and transferred

to the student, as well as the qualifications which the student failed to achieve.


(object type CQ) can represent a booking prerequisite for (other) modules. The SAP system can check this prerequisite based on the VSR rules when a module is booked.

The SAP system automatically displays the qualifications that were transferred to a student in the application (transaction code PIQED). These qualifications are indicated by the flag. Unlike conferred qualifications, you cannot change transferred qualifications in the student


The system also uses qualifications in the graduation application. When you register a student for graduation, the system creates a relationship between the student and the respective qualification.

Qualifications which have not been definitively conferred are flagged as “

”. Qualifications of

this type are displayed in the usual way in the student file. However, these qualifications can only be changed in the graduation application.


Before you can confer qualifications, you must create information, see Create/Maintain Internal Qualification.

(object type CQ). For more

You can create a qualification with a specific program reference only if the student is or was registered in this program.

You have made the settings for qualification conferment in Customizing for



If you want to use qualifications to process graduation or stage completion, you must first define the use of

qualifications. You make this setting in Customizing for .

in the IMG activity

You have defined the required academic scales and their values (grades) so that you can rate student

qualifications. You make this setting in Customizing for



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