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When you create a qualification conferment, the SAP system shows the this dialog box, you can choose a qualification and enter the student’s qualification data.

dialog box. In

  • You can assign a grade and academic honors. When you rate a qualification, you may only enter grades which are in the “passed” range of the given academic scale. Qualification conferment for stage completion represents an exception to this rule: As this type of qualification is the result of work completed in a program stage, you can enter evaluations which represent a “failure“on the scale. The qualification is then flagged as "not achieved".

  • In addition to the conferment date, you can enter the validity period, academic period and study duration for the qualification. The SAP system proposes the current system date as the conferment date and the valid-from date of the qualification.

You can enter a comment and a note for the conferment.

You need the

to map the conferring instance in the system. You

must therefore assign the objects to the selected functions.

On the diploma, you can enter the student’s name and the title of his or her qualifying work in the original language and a second language.

You can also confer a qualification conditionally. When you do this, the system handles this qualification as an open prerequisite for module booking. You can allow conditional bookings for open prerequisites. Then you can make a module booking even if the specific prerequisite is not fulfilled.

you can only assign objects which belong to these object types to the functions.

When you set a condition for qualification conferment manually, the system automatically sets a condition for module booking if this qualification is the prerequisite for a conditional booking. In this case, the conditional booking indicator must be set for relationship 529 between the qualification and module.

When you finally confer the qualification, you must remove the manually set condition by

This function must be assigned the object types in Customizing for

activity (CQ01) and one or more allowed . When you create a conferment,

changing the value to

booking unconditionally.

and thus enable the system to execute module

You can assign several advisors to a student, each with a different function. The assignment of multiple advisors is structured as follows:

An advisor can be any of the following:

  • Person (P)

  • Position (S)

  • Business partner (BP)

  • External person (H)

  • Senior student (ST)

Each advisor assignment can be uniquely identified by its advising function.

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