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  • All students with the same birth date, similar first names, and similar last or birth names The system compares the last name you enter with existing last names. It also compares last names with existing birth names and birth names with existing last names. If the birth date is not specified, the system determines the students that have the same first and last names as the student you are creating.

The selection is always based on the current system date.

The resulting set of the duplicate check contains all the students that satisfy one of the above-mentioned criteria.


If the duplicate check result is positive, the system displays a dialog box listing the students with similar attributes. You can choose from the following options:

If one of the listed students is identical to the student you are creating, select this student and choose . The system cancels creation of the new student master record, and displays the selected master

record in the change mode. If you want to continue with master record creation, choose




can distribute student master data to other systems. Distribution can be

automatic or on-demand.

Integration The system uses the SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure for distribution of data.

Prerequisites You have installed, set up and configured the

for this application.

You have also activated the distribution of data in the system. You can make these settings in Customizing

for in the

IMG activity.


can distribute the following student data:

  • Business partner data (addresses, bank data, payment card data)

  • Personal data

  • Additional data

  • Residence data

  • Visa data

  • Study data

  • Fee calculation data

  • Challenge data

  • Student number

Note the following differences in data changes that are planned after the current date:

  • can distribute planned data changes to systems that store data time

dependently in real time (that is, with the planned change date).

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