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  • can distribute planned data changes to systems that do not store data

time dependently as soon as these changes become valid.

Activities If you want

to distribute data to systems that do not store data time depen-

dently, you must schedule program BUPTDTRANSMIT in the

system daily.


You can assign students a data privacy level and have the system display a warning when users access student data that has been classified as private. In this way you can map the regulations governing data privacy agreements between students and the university, or the confidential nature of certain student data in the system.

If data privacy regulations apply to certain data, a data privacy warning like the one below appears when a user attempts to access this data:

The FERPA rules, which apply in the US, are an example of such data privacy regulations.

Prerequisites The system displays a data privacy warning if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The dialog transaction is flagged as subject to data privacy rules.

  • The required data privacy level and the associated warning are defined.

You system administrator makes these settings in Customizing for


in the .

You have assigned the student a data privacy level and the relevant data privacy warning in student master data. Your system administrator can also set up data privacy levels without privacy warnings in the system.


You can assign a data privacy level to a student in student master data.

1. 2 .

To do this, choose the Choose the required

tab page in master data maintenance.


When a dialog box with a data privacy warning appears, confirm the warning by choosing



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