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Use You can create different types of notes for specific students or programs. Possible note types are:

  • General note

  • Appraisal note

  • Progression note

Integration The system stores the notes you create in the ST object (student) or CS object (study) of infotype 1707

(). The CS object serves as a carrier object for prog infotype 1707.

rams (object SC). Each note type is a subtype of


The required note types are defined. Your system administrator makes this setting in Customizing for

in the section

. The standard system does not contain any predefined note types.

Activities You display and edit notes in the Student File by choosing


) or the


The screen appears

There, you can specify whether the system should display all notes or

only specific notes. This setting determines which note types and notes you can process.

When you create a note, you must assign it to a student or program depending on the note type. When creating notes, take into account the following:

  • If a note type can only be assigned to a student, you always create the note for a student irrespective

of the program in which the student is registered.

  • If a note type can only be assigned to a program and the student is registered in more than one program, you must select the program to which the note should be assigned.

  • If a note type can be assigned to a student as well as a program, you must specify whether you are creating the note for a student or program.

Your system administrator defines whether a note type can be assigned to a student, a program, or to both object types in Customizing.


You can enter the information in the external transcripts issued to students by external organizations in student master data.

You can acknowledge the external qualifications and external subjects recorded in external transcripts as equivalent to modules or internal qualifications.


Your system administrator has made the required settings in Customizing for



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