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The criteria you define for student selection are used as the basis for automatic de-registration. Which selection criteria the system offers and which students it selects for de-registration depend on the selection method you specify on the selection screen of the mass de-registration program. For more information, see Object Selection for Mass De-registration.

When you execute mass de-registration, you can specify that the de-registration activity should trigger a cancellation activity for module bookings. If you specify this, the module bookings for the academic sessions

after the

specified on the selection screen will be cancelled.


You have implemented the required selection methods and assigned them to selection method group DER1


). You make these settings in Customizing for

in the



The system can execute de-registration only if the selection method returns objects of the object type (CS).

The standard system contains selection method DE00 (

). This selection method selects those students of a program who do not have a that applies up to a specific key date. You can use a selection variant to enter the parameters for this selection method. These parameters are:

  • One or more programs or program types

  • A specific date, or academic year and academic session

Features When you execute a

, the mass de-registration program simulates de-registration and displays a list

of the students for which it would execute automatic de-registration based on the specified selection criteria. However, data is not changed in the test run.

If you do not set the

flag, the system performs an update run. In an update run, the mass de-

registration program performs a de-registration activity for the selected students.

The SAP System displays the results of mass de-registration in an output list. You can create and select you own layout variants for this output list.


You can access the mass de-registration program by choosing

from the


To view the application logs of previous program runs, choose

on the selection screen.


section of

notifications for activities performed in

contains the functions you need to output .

uses the print workbench and the correspondence functions of the (FI-CA) component for processing correspondence.

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