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For more information, see Creating Sponsors. Create the grant master data.

From the


screen, choose



Enter the grant data for the student on the Also enter the details for internally managed grants. Perform grant evaluation.

tab page in master data maintenance.

From the


screen, choose

  • Use the


to calculate the grant the student can expect to

  • Use the

actually be disbursed to the student.

to calculate the grant which will


When you run grant evaluation, the system creates separate documents (grant documents) in which it saves the results for each grant and student. Then it posts the document as follows:

In the

In the

evaluation mode, the system posts a statistical document. evaluation mode, the system posts a real FI-CA document.

You can use this function to create default values for grants. The system copies these values when you maintain the details of the grant for the student.

Whenever a grant is assigned to a student, you must add some conditions to check whether the student is eligible for the grant or not. In most cases, the conditions for the grant are fixed (such as minimum number of credits, specific module booked, and so on).

A new business process is available that eliminates the need for manual assignment of conditions to multiple students. During grant creation, you can enter the default conditions that are required to fulfill the grant. The system assigns these default conditions automatically whenever you maintain the details of the grant, after assigning the grant to any student.

The default conditions can be used when a grant is assigned from the user interface (UI) or using a remote function call (RFC). On the UI, you can overwrite the default value. With an RFC, you can specify whether or not to use the default value. These conditions are only applicable for the internal grant assignment.

Note: You can overwrite the default values in

(transaction PIQSTM).


This function is available if you have activated the business function SAP Student Lifecycle Management: Implementation Accelerator (ISHERCM_604_EXIAP_M).

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