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You can enter the information needed for repayment of grants in grant master data.


From the

screen, choose

2. 3.

→→ S e l e c t a g r a n t , a n d c h o o s . with the quick info text . e Enter the repayment information in the group box.

Curriculum planning begins with the setup of programs, and the associated structures and rules. The way in which a program is organized usually depends on the program regulations that apply. The program regulations define the following attributes of a program:

  • Type and number of subjects to be completed

  • Associated teaching events

  • Prerequisites for attendance at teaching events and examinations

The structure of programs is usually quite diverse and bound by set validity periods.

The functions in the section enable you to map and manage your university‘s academic offerings and teaching events. objects for curriculum mapping:

  • Program

  • Module group

  • Module

offers the following

You can maintain and manage the programs offered by your university in the program catalog. You can manage program dates and deadlines in the academic calendars. You can map and manage the program rules using rule containers.

Planning of Academic Offerings


Organizational unit of the university defined as the You must define a top organizational unit in the




The SAP System requires the top organizational unit for the following functions and processes of :

The SAP System always reads the dates and periods specified in the academic calendar of the top

organizational unit when you do not specify a concrete query object (


, or

). You therefore have to create an academic calendar for the top organizational unit. In this academic calendar, you must enter the dates for time limit ( ) for all relevant academic sessions. (If you have configured the

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