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The SAP System uses academic calendars to check if students have submitted their applications before the deadlines specified there. When an application is submitted outside of the specified period, the SAP System outputs a message. Before doing so, the SAP System reads the rules. The academic periods of the university and its lower-level organizational units are also defined in the academic calendar.

You set up the academic session

in the top organizational unit.

The system derives the start and end dates of the winter semester in the 2001 academic year from this organizational unit.

Your university has a set registration period for each academic session. To map this in the system, you create an academic calendar and enter the registration periods there. If an application for registration is received within this period, the application is assumed to have been submitted on time and is then forwarded to the administrator in charge for processing. However, it an application is received outside of the given registration period, the SAP System informs the administrator of this in a message.

Structure You can create and maintain an academic calendar (object type CA) for the following objects:

  • Organizational unit (object type O)

  • Program (object type SC)

  • Module (object type SM)

  • Event package (object type SE)

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