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You can only use this selection criterion if you selected

  • Only Offered

as the access object.

You use this indicator to display the modules and event packages that are offered in the selected academic period. You define the sessions of offering for modules and event packages in the Module Catalog.

Planning status Academic events (with the exception of time-independent events) can have the planning status

and In the Customizing for



section above), you can

specify the planning status to which the system should default when you create an academic event.

You can firmly book planned academic events. For more information, see Firm Booking of Business Events.

When you enter selection criteria and then choose , the system lists the event offerings that match the given criteria. You can execute the following activities for the event offerings listed:

  • Edit event packages

You can create and edit event packages in the overview screen for editing event offering. The system jumps to the data editing screen of that event package.

  • Edit academic events

In the detail screen of each academic event, you can jump to editing teaching workload and define the teaching workload for the academic event.

By choosing

, you can switch from editing event offering (transaction code

PIQACADOFFER00) to editing business event in the module catalog. The overview screen for editing event planning also contains the following functions:

  • Firmly book business events

  • Cancel module, event package, or academic event

  • Show schedule

  • Show resources

You can change event offering templates by choosing

. If you want to create new

templates for event offerings, switch to the module catalog by choosing

. You can

create the templates on the

screen of the module catalog. For more information, see

Creating Templates for Event Offerings.

Activities Based on the academic period, you can list and edit the event offerings using the following access objects:

  • Organizational unit (object type O)

  • Program of study (object type SC)

  • Module group (object type CG)

  • Module (object type SM)

  • Person (object type P), external person (object type H) or student (object type ST)

These access objects are only relevant if the person, external person, or student is also an instructor and an event offering is assigned to him or her.

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