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To edit an event offering, go to the SAP Easy Access screen and choose .

  • Choose the access object and academic period.

  • Check the key date.

  • Define the additional selection criteria.

When you choose

, the system lists the event offerings for the specified selection criteria.

To edit objects in the list, switch to the change mode by choosing


You can use the function for copying event offerings to create academic events for a specific academic period. This function simplifies your event planning tasks.

You can create academic events using event offering templates, or copy existing event offerings from previous academic periods.

Event offering templates serve as a blueprint for event offerings. When you create academic events, you use

this blueprint and the processing type

as a basis.

You can also change the business events you have created and adjust them to the specific requirements of the academic period.

Event planning can also be based on business events from previous academic periods and on the

processing type


Integration The system automatically creates the business events you define using this program as business events with

the schedule category

. Business events of this type have a schedule and resource

description (schedule elements), which you can edit in the event offering editing transaction (transaction code PIQACADOFFER00).


You can use this procedure to copy event offering templates or the event offerings that exist in a specific academic period to a new academic period.


Before you can copy an event offering, you need to have event offering templates or event offerings in a previous academic period.


We recommend you execute a test run before each update run.

Bear in mind that this report requires considerable system resources. We therefore recommend that you schedule a background job for the update run, and copy only small units of data (for example, one organizational unit at a time).

From the

screen, choose

. The

screen appears.


Choose a selection method [Page 28] and selection variant.

The system uses the selection method to find modules. Then it determines the event templates for the modules.

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