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You can reset the exceptions for a regular schedule.

When you reset the exceptions or regenerate the schedule, all exceptions are lost and the business event again has a regular schedule without exceptions. Editing Business Events with a Regular Schedule

You can create or change business events (object type E) with a regular schedule in the overview screen for event offering editing. The system jumps to the detail screen for business event editing.

Business events that have a regular schedule can have the following differences in their schedule category:

  • Regular schedule (without exceptions)

The dates list of this business event is fully described by the generated schedule elements. This is the case if you do not define any exceptions in the schedule or in the resource assignment after you have generated the schedule.

Business events with the following dates have a regular schedule:

· During the class period on Mondays from 9:30 to 11:00 and on Thursdays from 14:00 to 15:00, always in room A3 and always with the same instructor.

· Two weeks after the start of the class period on Wednesdays from 8:00 to 10:00 on 15 dates.

  • Regular schedule with exceptions

The regularity of the business event dates list is broken at least once, in other words, the dates list deviates from the generated schedule. In this case, you have defined an exception from the generated schedule and at least one variance in the following data:

  • o


    • o


    • o


    • o


Activities Business Events with the Schedule Category

If you want to create a business event with a regular schedule, enter the business event data and schedule description in the detail screen. Then generate the schedule by choosing the appropriate pushbutton or by

saving the data. The business event is assigned the schedule category

. When the system

generates the schedule, it creates a list with the schedule and resource reservation. You can regenerate the schedule in the detail screen as well as in the overview screen for event offering

editing. To display the schedule data, choose the pushbutton

on the overview screen.

If you do not change the start or end date in the schedule description, the system uses the start and end dates of the class period (time limit 0200) in the business event"s academic period. However, if you change the start or end date in the schedule description (for example, begins two weeks before the start of the class period), the system uses the date you enter. Entry of a different start or end date is optional.

You can edit the teaching workload for this business event by choosing the in the detail screen.


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