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Report of the Law Reform Committee on Online Gaming and Singapore

Australians and their families. BoysTown runs 15 lotteries each year – ten House Lotteries and five Prestige Car Lotteries with the prizes being luxury homes and luxury cars respectively. Each ticket costs $15 and there are generally only three winners in each draw.2 BoysTown Lotteries have been in operation since 1961.3 Charity raffles, also a form of lottery, are required to be operated pursuant to rules laid down by governmental authorities in Australia.


Selecting numbers


A further type of lottery involves players selecting a few numbers out of a larger

pool of numbers, eg, six numbers out of 45 numbers and if all the selected numbers are drawn, the player wins the first prize. In some countries such as Australia, the drawings are televised to bolster confidence in the integrity of the operation. To win a lesser prize, at least four of the drawn numbers must be chosen. 4


The Singapore 4D is a unique combination of the traditional lottery and

selecting numbers style of play. Players get to choose the four-digit number they desire

and if the number is drawn, they win a prize.




Newer forms of lotteries that have come onto the market in recent years are the

scratchers. These are played by players scratching off a latex covering from a part of a ticket to reveal whether the player has won. Typically, they consist of hidden symbols and if the specified symbols, eg, three of the same kind of symbols are revealed, then the player wins a prize.5 They are similar in play style to the older forms of paper instant tickets such as the pull-tab and the punchboard. Pull-tabs are still used in bingo operations in some countries, and the concept is similar to scratchers, in that players pull off a piece of paper rather than scratch off a latex covering.


Slot machines


Slot machines can in some ways be considered a variant of lotteries, scratchers,

pull-tabs, and punchboards. When a player buys a scratcher, it consists of data stored on the piece of paper albeit hidden behind a layer of latex. Similarly, when a player puts a coin or credit into a slot machine, data is already stored in the on-board computer of the slot machine, and when one “spins” the slot machine to get the result, the process is the same as scratching off the latex. The major difference between the slot machine and other forms of lotteries is that the odds on the slot machines take more effort to

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