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Communications Server

The Communication Server is supplied with TrendServer Pro. It manages real-time communications, distributed access to the stored data, time synchronisation over RS-485 and Ethernet networks. It is also available with a V2 compliant OPC Server to make it easier to interface third party HMI software packages that support an OPC Client. The Communication Server provides security for the transmission and storage of process data.

Database Management Tool

The Database Management Tool is a separate software application that is supplied with TrendServer Pro software. It provides the user with the ability to backup, sort, archive, move and copy the data stored by the TrendManager Pro and TrendServer Pro Software.


TrendViewer Features

TrendViewer provides the ability to view and print the graph data that has been imported from the recorder’s removable storage media. It provides a graph screen that displays the currently imported data along with the associated events. Only data from a single recorder can be imported; this is held in the RAM of the PC and must be imported again if the screen is closed. A tabular listing of the data is not available in TrendViewer; this is a TrendManager Pro function. TrendViewer is supplied with each re- corder and no unlock code is required to install it.

TrendManager Pro Features

TrendManager Pro includes all the features of the TrendViewer software plus it supports the configuration of the Honeywell paperless V5 and X Series recorders, analysis of the data and the exporting of data to other third party spreadsheet (like Mi- crosoft Excel or Lotus 123) packages.

  • Import of data in the local databases via removable media. TrendManager Pro allows for the importing of data from a variety of devices – X Series Minitrend QX and Multitrend SX, eZtrend V5, Minitrend V5, Multitrend Plus V5, Circitrend V5, Teletrend V5, Multitrend V5 and V4 recorders. Also VRX Recorders, DPR180/250, Truline recorders, UMC800, HC900, with data storage. These devices and Honeywell Actuators and UDC Controllers have Realtime capabilities. When imported, the new data is automatically recognized and stored in the correct place in a secure database. Remembering file names or labelling the storage media are not necessary. The structure for storing data follows a hier- archy of Servers showing a list of Databases, Databases showing a list of Recorders and Recorders having a list of the Pen data. The recorders or pen data from the recorder can be dragged into the graph window for viewing. Reviewing of the data files does not require knowledge of file structures or recall of cryptic file names.

  • Saving and organizing graphs - Once a particular graph has been setup, it can be saved - When reopened it will display all the data, including any data imported while the graph was closed. Graphs can be saved and organized in graph fold- ers

  • User Added Comments - User comments can be added to the data on any graph to aid in understanding any particular point of interest and these are embedded with the data and cannot be modified or erased once the graph has been saved. A User Added Comment Block is shown here.

  • Multiple Trends: data from different sources can be displayed and reviewed together on the same graph; multiple graphs can show the same trend with different scale zooms and time spans.

  • Export Data: supports the exporting of data to other third party spreadsheet (like Microsoft Excel or Lotus 123) pack- ages; data can also be emailed. Export as multiple spreadsheets or as a single spread sheet.

  • Event/Batch Viewer: All the alarms, events markers, status messages, etc., are displayed on the graph with the meas- urement data, or on a tabular view with time and date stamps. Event/Batch details are displayed in the Event/Batch Viewer.

  • Recorder Setup management: TrendManager Pro allows the creation, archiving (up to 26 setups per recorder), print- ing, copying of Honeywell V4, V5 and X Series paperless recorders setups, thus providing traceability in the manage- ment of configurations.



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